As the pandemic continues to persist, the future of businesses and education remains uncertain. For many, this could cause anxiety and a halt to their careers. However, AHEAD President Rossana Llenado reveals her 8-step approach on how she, and her multi-brand business, turned the new normal into an opportunity for growth.

In a webinar entitled “How to be a Smart Super Woman in the New Normal” last June 18, Ms. Rossana gives her advice on how you too can bounce back in your careers. She puts it all in eight easy steps.

Be Alert

During these times, Ms. Rossana suggests preparing a list of things to do in every possible scenario imaginable. Keeping up with the news is key to being alert. Acquaint yourself with the latest events and safety protocols.

Be Agile

After being informed, it is equally essential to be quick to respond. As early as February, AHEAD’s office was equipped with alcohol and UV disinfectants. Upon hearing the news, we must be mindful of our hygiene and health. As we are fed with new info, we must do something about it. 

Be Adaptable

Even before the suspension of physical classes, AHEAD had already begun preparing its shift to online classes. In the same way, Ms. Rossana suggests finding new ways to generate income through the use of the Internet and social media.

She advises, “Leave the past behind, and accept the new normal.” Even after being in the industry for 25 years, AHEAD launched another brand, AHEAD Alpha, to respond to the lockdown. No matter how established you were in your career, its relevance could disappear once the new normal sets in.

Be Action-Oriented

“Make new plans, set new goals, and prepare for a new start.” It is time to rewrite your path. The plans you’ve made before may not always be applicable today. 

In the case of AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center, online college entrance test review classes immediately began on March 23, just a week after the announcement of the ECQ. From there, AHEAD and its brands maximized the use of online learning to offer more services such as essay writing and Singapore Math. AHEAD is now even doing something it has never done before: teaching teachers who wish to teach English. 

Be Adept

Now is the time to polish your skills and turn your hobbies into a business. With much free time in our hands, Ms. Rossana encourages everyone to invest in themselves. Attend webinars, find a mentor, and practice your English! Who knows, these newfound skills could be the beginning of a new and better career. 

Be Agreeable

Keep your doors open and welcome new ideas. Take the time to browse through all the courses at UP, Ateneo, La Salle, and UST as you study for the entrance exams. Put effort into understanding foreign concepts, and be excited about learning. Eliminating negativity, Ms. Rossana invites everyone to spread positivity and rekindle friendships. 

Be Altruistic

After building yourself up, lend a hand to those who need hope. Share your learnings. Share your journey on social media to be a living example of a resilient smart superwoman. Even Ms. Rossana herself takes guidance from her mentors. She never fails to do the same with her followers and employees.

Be AHEAD-thinking

Sort out your life goals. Reevaluate your short-term, long-term, and end goals. Do you still want to work in an office? Or do you want to become a freelancer or entrepreneur? Ms. Rossana urges everyone to imagine who you want to be now and who you could be in the future.

Begin to track your expenses and set aside an emergency fund. Save a portion of your income to start your dream business and invest in education.

Although we are confined in our homes, you can get ahead with all the online resources the Internet and AHEAD have to offer. Students now have more time to study for their dream university and even take supplementary lessons to boost their chances of passing! After all, the time spent studying for the most crucial exam of your life will only make you a better future. 

Despite what you may think, the quarantine has sprouted plenty of opportunities for self-discovery. Take chances, seize opportunities, and be kind to yourself when you fail. Just like AHEAD, Ms. Rossana challenges everyone to transform into a better you in this new normal.

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