Taking your college entrance tests can be a nerve-wracking experience. Fighting for a slot in the country’s best universities can be tough.

Among the universities in the country, UP holds the greatest competition. Aside from tackling topics in English, Filipino, Science, and Math, the UPCAT also makes use of a right-minus-wrong system, so each item becomes all the more crucial. 

Every year, there is a sea of over a hundred thousand applicants hoping to be an Iskolar Ng Bayan. This time around, passing the UPCAT does not only require you to reach the passing score but also be among the top applicants of your course and campus!

To rise above others, students at AHEAD take in-depth lessons based on actual test questions! Students also take diagnostic and simulated tests to get the hang of answering under pressure. 

AHEAD’s review programs are indeed proven effective as it maintains a high passing rate to UP. This year, five AHEAD students aced the UPCAT and were accepted into UP’s INTARMED Program where only the Top 20 male and Top 20 female UPCAT passers who signed up for the exam can enter. 

As the UPCAT is fast approaching, two of AHEAD’s INTARMED passers, Alyssa Ragasa and Arvin Malapo, share their tips for an effective and pressure-free college entrance test preparation.

1. Remember AHEAD’s Test-Specific Tips and Info 

“Know the coverage of each entrance test and focus first on the subjects you feel you still need to improve on! Familiarize yourself with test-taking tips, especially for Reading Comprehension.” -Arvin

2. Test Yourself 

“Take practice tests and time yourself when taking these tests.” -Arvin

3. Take Breaks Too

Rest every once in a while! You deserve a break!” – Arvin

4. Study at Your Own Pace

“To be honest, I never reviewed again after my 2 weeks of reviewing in AHEAD during the summer. I guess we all have different ways of knowing we’re ready, but everything just really goes down to being sure you’re doing well on the big day.” – Alyssa

5. The Day Before the Exam: Relax!

Relax and treat yourself with things that make you happy the day before your exams! Don’t cram-study! (I really did not study at all the day before. I even watched a movie the night before the exam!)” -Arvin

6. On the Day: Make Sure You’re Early, Healthy and Not Hungry!

“Get lots of sleep, eat adobo with rice or something, wear cotton clothes, prepare your bag of (plenty) snacks and water, arrive at the venue at least an hour before your time slot, and be kind to your proctors.” – Alyssa

7. Dream Big, Even if You Think You Can’t

“The goal I set for myself was to at least pass in all of the universities I applied to, but I did not stop myself from dreaming big. I still tried for INTARMED. Fully aware that it is one of the most competitive programs in the country, I told myself I will try my very best for it, but it’s okay if ever I don’t pass. It’s my be-all and end-all, but I did not pressure myself too hard. I know I’m not one of the most brilliant minds, but I was confident that I can do my best.” – Arvin

Want to receive the same training and materials as Arvin and Alyssa? Sign up for AHEAD’s college entrance exam review programs to get in-depth review and guidance from our college entrance test experts! 

At AHEAD, we do not only prepare you with complete lessons, but also teach you how to handle the pressure and anxiety that comes before, after, and during your test.

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