Tutorial Contract

1. COVERAGE: AHEAD shall provide tutorial services to one (1) student herein represented by the Client for a monthly fee of ________________________________________ (Php ______________) starting _______________________. The tutorial shall cover the following subjects: _____________________________________________ and shall be rendered every _________________.  The client opted for the ___________based tutorial.

2. TERMS OF PAYMENT:  Tutorial fees must be paid in advance.  As a rule, tutorials shall only commence/continue upon payment of fees, on or before the first day of each month starting ______________. Late payments shall be charged a penalty of ten percent (10%) per month, without prejudice to the right of AHEAD to cancel or terminate this contract for such late payment.  Payments can be made only through the branch coordinators, managers and designated cashiers of AHEAD or through any BPI branch nationwide through the following account: CA 3085-3591-68, AHEAD Tutorial and Review, any BPI Branch. The client must keep the deposit slip. It will serve as his/her temporary receipt.

3. PRE-TERMINATION BY CLIENT: Should the client decide to discontinue with the program, he/she should do so by giving written notice to AHEAD at least seven (7) days before the intended date of termination. Clients are however obliged to pay the full amount of the program.

4. VENUE: Tutorial services may be conducted at the Center or at Client’s residence depending on the program availed, except for one-on-one reviews, which are conducted only at the Center. Home-based tutorials shall be subject to an additional fee. All other incidental expenses of the tutor directly related to the tutorial including transportation shall be for the account of the Client.

5. SELECTION OF TUTOR:  AHEAD shall select the tutor/s that will render the tutorial services to the student.  Should the Client desire to have another tutor for a valid reason, AHEAD must be informed immediately. In the event that the tutor will not be able to complete the required tutorial services for any reason whatsoever, AHEAD shall look for an appropriate replacement within a reasonable period.

6. NO REPRESENTATIONS:  AHEAD does not make any representation, guarantee, or warranty of any kind whatsoever that the student shall pass or excel in any and all examinations or tests, or shall gain mastery in the subjects concerned. AHEAD shall nevertheless exert its best efforts so that the Client shall benefit from all the fees he/she has paid to AHEAD.

7. CONFIDENTIAL MATTERS:  For the Client’s protection, AHEAD does not allow its tutors to divulge, during or after this contract, any information concerning any of AHEAD’s Clients. AHEAD asks the same from its Clients. Likewise, we request CLIENT not to discuss any and all terms of this contract, with anyone especially our tutors.


1.    ALL CONCERNS MUST BE DIRECTED TO THE OFFICE. Changes in schedule, frequency, and length of the tutorial services must be arranged through AHEAD’s branches/offices.
2.    SEEKING OR ACCEPTING ANY TUTORIAL SERVICE DIRECTLY from any AHEAD’s tutors is deemed offensive and is not allowed even after the terms of the contract have expired.
3.    AHEAD AIMS TO PLEASE ITS CLIENTS. Complaints, questions, or suggestions are most welcome and must be directed to the manager as soon as possible.
4.    IF A STUDENT IS ABSENT FROM A TUTORIAL SESSION, he/she can make up for the lost time upon the approval and arrangement with the manager. Cancellation of tutorial session should be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled session, otherwise, no make up will be given.
5.    IF A STUDENT COMES LATE FOR THE TUTORIAL, the original schedule for the tutorial session shall be followed (e.g. if the schedule is from 1-2 pm & the student is late for 15 minutes, original schedule which is 1-2 pm shall be logged).

This contract is legally binding and final. The signatories acknowledge that they enter into it with their own free will and it is not reversible.  This contract shall be governed by the laws of the Philippines.


________________________        ________________             ___________________________

Client’s Name & Signature                Date                                          AHEAD Representative & Signature

Received Guidelines for tutorial:  _________________________________________

Amount Paid: __________________________ Date Paid: ____________________

PR / OR No. :  _________________________  Balance (if any) :  _______________

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