Review Contract

1.) For and in consideration of the sum _________________________ (P __________ ), which should be paid in full on or before the start of the review by the client herein referred to as Parent, for the COLLEGE ENTRANCE TEST REVIEW program, AHEAD shall provide review services for __ sessions (1 session is equivalent to 4 hours lecture or testing) starting on ____________________.

2.) VENUE – The review sessions shall be conducted at a designated venue, the choice of which will depend on availability and seating capacity.  Any damage to the review venue shall be on the account of the party or parties directly responsible for the same.

3.) ABSENCES – Schedules are published in advance so absences can be avoided.  However, students who do incur absences are REQUIRED to attend make-up classes either as sit-in students of other sections or to arrange for one-on-one sessions. These make-up classes should be arranged with the Branch. Sit-in fee is ONE THOUSAND PESOS (P1,000.00) per session while one-on-one session is SEVEN HUNDRED PESOS (P700.00) per hour.

4.) CHANGE OF SECTION – Changing of sections is NOT allowed.

5.) BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS – All business transactions must be directed to the office. Any change in schedule and/or transfers must be arranged with the Area Manager through a letter of request addressed to the same. Seeking or accepting any tutorial service directly from any of AHEAD’s tutors or lecturers without the expressed consent and knowledge of the center is deemed offensive/unethical and will not be allowed even after the duration of this agreement. Violation of these provisions may result in the termination of the contract, dismissal of the tutor or lecturer, and shall cause the filing of a civil action in court.

6.) COPYRIGHT – All review materials are properties of AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center. NO part of the review materials and/ or intellectual property rights may be used and/or reproduced in any form without the expressed and written consent of AHEAD.

7.) STUDENT PERFORMANCE IN ACTUAL EXAMS/SCHOOL WORK – AHEAD stands by the quality of its tutorial and review services. In no way, however, should this commitment to excellence and full customer satisfaction be construed as a guarantee to the student passing the examination he/she reviewed for, nor is it a guarantee of getting higher marks in school.  The student is still expected to exert the necessary efforts and take the appropriate responsibility in achieving academic goals.

8.) STUDENT OBLIGATIONS – The student is expected to be prompt and conscientious in attending review sessions and do the required work.  The student is likewise expected to pay attention and participate in class.

9.) STUDENT BEHAVIOR AND DISCIPLINE – AHEAD shall expel any student who exhibits disruptive behavior or distracts from the educational mission of his/her course. Harassment, coming to class under the influence of drugs or alcohol, carrying deadly weapons, theft or misuse of property, low motivation, disregard for instructions, and uncontrollable behavior are examples of conduct that will lead to expulsion. NO REFUND shall be given to students who are expelled.


a) In case of a request for refund due to cancellation of enrollment, the refundable fee shall be based on the following scheme:

Days before the 1st day of course(s)  —  Refund
30  —  100 % minus admin fee (15% of amount paid)
15-29  —  50 % minus admin fee (15% of amount paid)
1-14  —  NO REFUND

b) In case of a request for refund due to downgrading of enrollment, the refundable fee shall be subject to applicable scheme as deemed appropriate by the management.

c) Reservation fees, when applicable, are NON-REFUNDABLE.

11.) LOST MATERIALS – Replacement of lost review kits shall be charged P 2,000, while that of lost ID cards shall be charged P 200.

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  1. michelle

    how much is the enrollment? kukunin ko po sana yung sched na july 2-30 in grennhills…hope you reply :))

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