Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions answered:

How do you construct your test questions:

The owners, managers and staff, teachers and advisers of AHEAD are alumni of UP, Ateneo and de la Salle. We all took and passed (most of us with flying colors) the entrance exams. Our advisers are former and present teachers and administrators of UP, Ateneo, de la Salle. We know the type of test, the content, the time limit, the topics. We also ask our thousands of students so we really are up to date.

However, we do not give the exact question to our students because we really want our students to learn from us. We dont just want them to know the answers. We want them to understand the questions too so that if the question becomes different, our students can also answer them.

Actually, if we know that the question in the UPCAT is 1+1. We make a question 3+2+1.
We do this so that when they encounter the real exam, our students will find it easier, and boom, instant confidence!

When our peak season is finished. Our material developers start creating revising and improving the new set of reviewers. That means we start preparing our materials by July (2010) for our March (2011) review.

2 thoughts on “How Can We Help

  1. Mark Declaro

    Can i still enroll next saturday, July 7, 2012, for the DLSUCET review? is the UPCAT review still available?

  2. Rea of Ahead

    Hi Mark!

    You may still enroll for the DLSUCET review classes. We have DLSUCET review classes that will start on July 21 in our Greenhills and Global City branches.

    As of the moment, the classes for the UPCAT review are already ongoing but you may still enroll for our One-on-One review programs. The One-on-One UPCAT review is more personalized and more focused to your needs. You may take a diagnostic test from which we can assess the areas or subjects that you need to focus and improve on.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have further inquiries.

    Thank you!

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